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personalized teacher signs ps- some possible dangers of wood shipping pallets geometric cushion covers

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This morning a reader alerted us to the possible dangers of some wood shipping pallets, of toxic chemicals leaching from treated woods (required by law to prevent insect infestations, although not all treatments involve chemicals)personalized teacher signs, or of contamination by e-coli and other pathogens (a bi-product of being used to transport food or being exposed to animals and birds). Although we recommended using new wood pallets, we’;ve discovered that these can be subject to chemical treatments as well.

Now we’;re trying to find out a) where to get wood pallets that have been treated by heat alone, without pressure-treating (another heat-treating process which involves serious chemicals) and b) if it is possible to seal recycled wood pallets ourselves by painting, polyurethaning etc to mitigate any dangers from pressure-treated or chemically fumigated wood. We’;ll write a post as soon as we get to the bottom of the issue. In the meantime, it’;s a good idea to be circumspect about how you use pallets, unless your research shows otherwise.

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Spring is officially here, which ?means that we can start playing with our gardens, making them pretty and waiting for the flowers to start blooming and surrounding us with the long awaited colour. It’s also time when we are more in the mood for the (in)famous ‘spring cleaning’ and decorating.Here at Canvas Corp Brands, we tend to think slightly differently about the world… so we thought… instead of?redecorating our houses why not build mini-houses,?decorate them and then… use them as?decoration? Hmmmm… Why not?!

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