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personalized teacher signs Torggler’s Innovative Kinetic Room Screen geometric cushion covers

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Klemens Torggler

Last week we posted about Austrian Artist Klemens Torggler clever ‘Evolution Door,’ a rotating geometric flip-panel door system that opens up with momentum and looks like origami. Torggler spent a lot of times experimenting with the mechanism and, in the processpersonalized teacher signs,came up with 5 variations. One of the most compelling: an innovative take on the room screen:?A moving object that revolves around its own vertical axis, the screen can be turned and opened with one movement of the hand.?

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It is a kinetic sculpture of a screen with many possibilities,

…;There’;s quite a bit of info on Torrgler’;s site?about how the mechanisms work (though we imagine it would take a good amount of trial-error to replicate).

Being lover’;s of MUTABLE spaces, we’;re going to file this idea away for possible use down the line.

via Klemens Torggler Doors

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