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personalized teacher signs Rustic Table Mats with Printed Canvas Panels personalised birthday gifts

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Summer might be well over and forgotten for some of us but it’;s not a reason to stop making your table look nice, fresh and summery.

At Canvas Corp we have a whole collection of printed canvas panels with a variety of designs to match most of our paper collections. With each of the sheets being individually screen printed, you always get an amazing quality of product. You can cut, colour, sew and glue the elements and whole sheets at will –; there is no crafty project that we won’;t have something for you to make use of. So, waste no time! Make sure you have a look through our printed panels and we promise you that the inspiration will strike!

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To get your creative ideas flowing, Marie Pickles shares her rustic table mats made using Farmhouse Kitchen Printed panels.

Look how beautiful her table looks now!

Canvas Corp produce some fantastic fabrics, these are made using fabric panels. The heart of the home is the kitchen and these panels were central to my plan for robust multi-use table mats. I wanted to be able to use them every day and to be able to launder and maintain them easily and quickly. If they could be matched with other elements in the kitchenpersonalized teacher signs, that would be an additional bonus. –; excites Marie.

Products used by?Marie in this project:Canvas Corp Farmhouse Kitchen Fabric Panel Canvas Corp Burlap –; Brown Heavy Weight Cotton (For backing) Pellon 975 (Thermal Wadding) or any heatproof wadding Cotton Wadding for backing Sewing Machine,?matching threads Rotary Cutter &; Mat or scissors Ruler,?Spray glue (optional)Iron &; ironing board or ironing pad

Iron all fabrics, except waddings, cut burlap into 3″; wide strips across the width of the fabric. Cut the fabric mats in half across the width. Using 1 piece of the mat, lay a burlap strip down each side and cut allowing approximately 1″; extra at each end. Stitch these strips onto the cut mat using a small stitch (I used 2.4 on my machine). Once the vertical strips are in place open them out and finger press the seams. Now using the burlap strips, place a strip top and bottom on the mat. this should sit perfectly horizontal and create a frame around the mat. Sew into place as before and then finger press open.

With the Pellon wadding (or whichever thermal wadding you choose), cut to fit the framed mat allowing an overlap of 1″; on all sides. Do the same with the cotton wadding (or whichever wadding you have for the backing). Pin these layers together to ensure they don’;t shift. The thermal wadding will keep the plates from marking counters and tables and the cotton wadding adds depth and structure. Sew these layers together using a sewing machine, I stitched in the channel between the Farmhouse Kitchen mat and the burlap frame. This would be sufficient however you can add additional quilting if you wish.

Measure the size of the mat and cut a width of your fabric backing plus 2″; all around, (if you have a directional print, ensure it is the correct way up).

Using your rotary cutter, mat and ruler, trim the layers until you have a crisp mat with the same border of burlap on all sides I cut all my borders to 2″; all round.

From the backing fabric, cut 2″; strips, width of fabric. This will be the binding used on the table mats. Using an iron and ironing board, press the 2″; strips, fold in half and lightly mark the central line. Open the strip and refold the raw edges inwards to meet along the central line )(it will look like store bought bias binding now), press well and roll to keep safe and from unravelling. you will now have a strip approximately 1/2″; across with two folded edges meeting in the centre, these folded edges are approximately 1/4″; each side.

Place the bias binding on the table mat leaving a tail of 1.5″;, sew the binding onto the right side of the fabric making a mitred fold at each corner. Continue round each side until you are back to where you started. Fold the starting tail in a 45degree angle and bring the bias binding over the top, cut the end allowing 1/2″; extra, turn under to form a neat seam and then complete sewing on the machine to finish the edges.

The binding should be neat on the top, time to turn the binding under and sew in place. Flip the binding to the back of the mat, ensure the short end is folded in, pin the binding to the back of the mat. At the corners, the edges should automatically fold into a mitre making a neat and flat corner. Pin all the way round. You have two choices for finishing the mats, you can handset the binding in place, using a slip stitch and using a matching cotton and needle, sew the binding to the back side of the mat. Alternatively you can sew the back binding in place with your sewing machine. With your mat facing right side up, push a pin through from the joining seam of the binding to the back. If the pin pushes through the binding fabric, put it through the sewing machine sewing directly over the ditch made between the binding and the burlap. this should fix the binding with a neat sewn stitch –; a little but faster than hand sewing. It’;s up to you to finish the mats off whichever way you wish.

Now you have one mat, time to do the same to finish all 4 mats! Best get sewing…;..

Thank you and see you soon!

–; Marie –;

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