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personalized teacher signs Recipe- Summer Mojito funny cushion covers

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We’;ve partnered with domino magazine this summer to help you kick your entertaining game up a notch! To inspire your next summer soirée, the editors at domino have designed three gorgeous outdoor spaces with Ballard Designs products that are the perfect setting for your next get-together. Learn about their inspiration for these spaces, their best-loved ways to create a comfortable space, and even some of their must-make summer recipes!

A lightpersonalized teacher signs, refreshing mix of rum and soda, sweetened with sugar, mint, and fresh lime is the perfect signature cocktail for a rooftop soirée. Print Recipe: Summer Mojito Ingredients Light rum of choice Simple syrup Seltzer or sprite Mint leaves Limes Raspberries Ice, crushed recommended Instructions Fill glass halfway with ice and 3-4 mint leaves (or more for taste). Use muddler to combine ingredients. Fill glass with more ice to rim. In a beverage shaker, combine ice, 1oz. – 1 ?oz. of rum, and ?oz. of simple syrup. Shake and strain into glass. Add fresh raspberries and top off with seltzer or sprite. Add a lime wheel and mint leaf for garnish. 3.2.1284 ?

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For more recipe ideas, browse our?Recipes Pinterest Board, or find more of?our favorite dishes on How to Decorate.

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Who said that sewing with knits is scary?

Now that we are well into October, are you already feeling overwhelmed with the amount of craftiness arriving home every evening? Aubrey & Owen create at least one project, if not more, every single day. Some of their projects are super cute or they are super proud of the day’s gluing. Either way, our home quickly becomes an overwhelming mess of artwork. We needed a plan to contain the art– and still let the kids proudly show it off. Are you feeling the crush of art everyday, too? Let’s make you a super easy artwork hanger, too!

Your taste for interiors is who you are, your touch is what mark you make and texture is what helps many of us expressively feel what you feel. Being creative by nature I am always intrigued not only by images that are very visual and connective to new ideas and inspiration, but also to textures and natural surface pattern’s that can be discovered in objects we come across day to day . Recently I found my creative curiosity had led me to a blog article written by the Roving reporter of My friend’s house titled Textures You May Have Missed In the article the anonymous roving reporter curiously expressed the odd characteristic of an old chum who as a way to describe an awkward situation holds a palm up to the air strokes the other hand and whispers the word “Texture”. Now moving on from the whole waving of arms and feeling socially awkward as it was put, where the real interest lies is in the true meaning behind the article to uncover and rediscover our own admiration for textures that can simply go unnoticed.

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