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personalized teacher signs Handmade Cards for the Guys personalised birthday gifts

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Father’;s Day is coming up, but?half our population are guys and they have birthday and events where a?handmade card would be much appreciated. ?Our few from?the Crew are sharing a few different ways to approach making a?masculine card that we know will inspire you if you have one on your June to do list.


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1 –; choose colors that are more associated with guys. ?There is no set color palette, but you can find inspiration in looking up men’;s ties, shirt or even choose camouflage.

2 –; choose a theme that that is personal to your guy –; hiking, fishingpersonalized teacher signs, grilling, cars, trucks, golf, sports, etc. ?You don’;t have to find paper in the theme, just choose one and you can use cut outs from a magazine, fussy cut an old card, hand sketch something or write something vs. show it visually.

3 –; you can add flowers, glitter, gems and jewels, but a card for a guy might be setter suited with metal studs, paint with no glimmer and simply designed paper.

Happy Father’;s Day Card by?Martha Lucia Gomez

Step by step tutorial to create a masculine card using a die cut as stencil and main focal image. All the look was created with glimmers and glazes over 7gypsies paper.

Athanasia Leivaditou/Studio NL

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