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personalized teacher signs Gratitude Tree….{{made from tree branches}} pillow case baby

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Okay, one more project (or, maybe 2) for Thanksgiving.? And then I have several things that I want to make for Christmas gifts this year that I’;m dying to share.?

However, this little project may be my favorite of all the Thanksgiving posts this year.? Mostly because it gave us some great things to think about, chat about, and share together as a little family.? One thing that I hope to really instill in my little wigglers…;…;.is gratitude.? I know they’;re small and their understanding is limited but I want them to grateful.? And happy.? And appreciative for even the smallest of blessings.

So, my sister Robin (remember she’;s staying here in our home…;) came up with this great little Gratitude Tree.? And I just took the pictures.? And contributed minimally. :)

And you know, I really REALLY love it.?

And it sits perfectly up on that big mantel that we recently constructed (with that rad big brother of mine!).?

I think I enjoy looking at it…;.mostly because it reminds me of the conversation we had with our littlespersonalized teacher signs, while talking about anything and everything that we are really grateful for.? I could see their little eyes light up, as they rattled off their most treasured blessings.

Each of those items were written on paper, attached with a little jute string, and hung from each of the burlap leaves on the tree.? Oh, and each of those little leaves have wire attached…;…;and are bendable and stay right where you want them.

For 2013, this definitely made the list.? The kids feel the same way…;.because having our home means no more moving.? And they remind us of this fact often.

Some items are more serious…;…;while others are a little more trivial.? But hey, Elli appreciates the small things too.

And Chloe appreciates the vain things.? (That 2 year old of mine could LIVE in her dress up high heels.? Or the ones from my closet.? Grrr.)

It sure is a perfect fall decoration.? And a lovely center piece for Thanksgiving.

And the cost is minimal.? A few branches from outside, a little jute string, some pebbles from our landscape, and a metal container that was stored away, unused.? The only thing I purchased was the metallic marker, to write out each item of gratitude.

My heart is feeling full.? And this little tree helped fill it right up! :)

Would you like to make your own Gratitude Tree??

First, find a container of any type (glass, metal, wood, ceramic, etc) that is sturdy enough to hold your branches.? Keep in mind the pebbles will help give the base some weight too, so the container doesn’;t have to be super heavy, just sturdy.? Then, gather old dried out twigs and branches and arrange them into the container, just how you’;d like them.? Don’;t be afraid to break off branches, re-adjust, etc.

Then, pour pebbles into the container, completely surrounding each of the branch bases.? (If you don’;t have access to pebbles…;…; could use sand, marbles, bigger rocks, etc.)

Next, cut out leaf shapes out of some burlap fabric.

Then weave thin wire through the length of the leaf, allowing the leaf to bend and hold its shape.

Cut the wire off at the base of the leaf and then place a blob of epoxy glue at the base.? (You could use hot glue too but I found the epoxy to hold a little better.)

Then, attach the leaf to the branch, molding it around the branch.? Use a clothespin to keep the leaf in place until it dries…;..otherwise you’;ll have to hold it with your fingers.

Then, wrap some jute string several times around the base of the leaf, completely covering the glue and base of the leaf.? But leave one end of the jute string long, to hang your paper later on.

Now remember, since there is wire in the leaf, you can mold it and bend it however you want.

Then, cut out ovals in card stock paper and write a “;gratitude”; item on each piece of paper.

Then hole punch one end of the paper.

And then string it onto the long end of each just piece and tie a single knot.? Cut the excess jute off…;..and let the paper hang.

This is optional, but I wrapped more jute around the container several time and tied it in a knot at the back.

And that’;s it.

Your own little Gratitude Tree.



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