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personalized teacher signs Canvas tag… what to do with it- personalised birthday gifts

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We are all very used to paper tags –; whether they are used as labels on a?present, as a greeting card replacement or simply a beautiful piece of art. But when we see something a little bit different, our minds start racing…; How do I approach this one??Canvas Corp has a vast choice of?canvas shapes:?from squares and diamonds to pockets and flags. We also have CANVAS TAGS and they are?available in a variety of sizes!!! Is your crafty sense tingling yet? Let the fun begin!

Today, we have for you Alicja and Claudia who made two very different but both equally eye-catching tags?using CC shapes as a base.

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Alicja was inspired by the coming?Spring with the shades of green and nature waking up to life. She added layers of embellishments and media imitating the still-timid flowers and brunches.

‘;Spring is the most wonderful time of the year when everything comes to life. I think that this also relates to our creativity.The best way to find it is to get outside and get some inspiration from the nature around. I know all of you can feel it!’; –; says Alicja.

Materials:Canvas Corp –; canvas tagCanvas corp –; Artsy Sampler on KraftCanvas corp –; Burlap Sheet –; GreenCanvas corp –; Burlap Sheet –; HunterCanvas Corp –; Chocolate &; Ivory Ribbon Stripe7gypsies –; metal hangersTattered Angels Glimmer Mist –; Caper GreenTattered Angels Baseboard –; Chocolate Brown?and VineTattered Angels Chalkboard –; CloverTattered Angels Simply Sheer –; Rich Browngluesisalpaper flowerschippboardswhite gesso


This is how Alicja made her tag:

For more arty stimulationpersonalized teacher signs, visit Alicja’;s blog and Instagram.

The second tag comes from Claudia Neubacher. With layers of paint and texture and a handmade flower, Claudia went for a slightly darker and ‘;mature’; feel.?

‘;Using raw canvas as a substrate for your mixed media projects can add so much more than just wonderful texture to them! You will find that spray paints create beautiful shading when being added to a wet canvas, that gesso will work as a beautiful resist to your spray paints and that the highly tactile feel of your substrate will lead you onto new paths of using your media.A canvas tag is something you want to hold and touch –; and the substrate itself becomes an essential part of your artwork.Just give it a try! Throw on your favourite spray paints, mists, acrylic paints, gesso and other media and find out how rewarding the creative process and finished project will be! Have fun!’; –; explains her inspiration Claudia.

Materials used:Canvas Corp –; Canvas Shape TagCanvas Corp –; Cord Jute Balls Natural 225′;7 Gypsies –; Gypsy –; Mini Ephemera?7 Gypsies –; Ordre du Jour 8×;8 Paper PadTattered Angels High Impact Paint –; IvoryTattered Angels Baseboard Mist Paint –; Chocolate BrownTattered Angels Chalkboard Mist Paint –; SplashTattered Angels Simply Sheer –; AquaTattered Angels Glimmer Mist –; Gold,?Pomegranate,?MarmaladeDecoArt –; Gesso –; whiteDecoArt media –; Liquid GlassDecoArt Americana –; Decou-Page –; matteStabilo All –; aquarellable pencil –; blackSizzix –; Tim Holtz Tattered Florals dieMemory Box –; Zippy Dots stencilGlass cabochonsHeavy white cardboard

Tools:Sizzix machinePalette knifeHeat toolScissorsSoft brushWater in a spray bottleStapler

Here are the steps Claudia followed to make her tag:

For more craftiness from Claudia, visit her?blog and Instagram.

So, there you go…; two very different takes on a canvas tag and they are just two out of many, many ways of playing with our selection of canvas shapes. Be on a lookout for more inspiration coming your way!

Have a creative day!!!


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