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personalized teacher signs 8 Canopy-Inspired Beds and Why You Need One funny cushion covers

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Ally Headboard with Brass Nailheads // Linen Sheer Tie Top Drapes // Lacquer Louis Side Table // Dorchester Bench

Plain and simple: your bedroom should make you feel like a queen! It’;s that place where you can be utterly yourself and even indulge—; in that extra 10 minutes of sleep or with your extravagantlotion and skincare routine. Or whatever it is that makes you feelpampered! Andis there anything more luxurious and regalthan a canopy bed? We think not. But even if you aren’;t in the market for a new bed, there are some ways you can create that lovely, luxurious cocoon feel.

pillow cover home decor

How fantastic is the bed above? We tucked an upholstered headboard into a little niche which gives us that cozy, luxe look. To really take that feeling over the top, we added sheer linen drapery panels over the window and also inside the niche to really surround the bed. Dreamy, no?

Squire Tufted Headboard // Diamond Sisal Rug // Bradley Task Lamp

If you have large windows in your bedroompersonalized teacher signs, it can feel weird toarrange your bed right in front of it, but we actually think this is a great opportunity to create a focal point. Windows are natural focal points,and in every bedroom, the bed should really be the main attraction. Here, we draped curtain panels over the headboard which definitely mimics the feel of a canopy bed.

Louisa Metal Canopy Bed // Suzanne Kasler Greek Key Bedding // Linen Sheer Tie Top Panels

Our Louisa Metal Bed is a natural choice if you want the look and feel of a true canopy bed. It has a clean lined frame, posters, and side railsas well as an upholstered headboard. Truly the best of allworlds! Tie top curtain panels create an airy canopy around the headboard, while still feeling breezy and light.

Claudette Headboard // Suzanne Kasler Metal Hooks // Custom Drapery Panels // Simone Bench

Remember how we mentioned that your bed should be the focal point in the room? Well this is certainly one way to accomplish that! We hung two patterned curtains panels behind twin beds to create a look thatfeels totallyglamorous.

Isabella Bed and Nightstands // Jardin Toile Drapery Panels // Jardin Toile Bedding

One of the reasons we love a canopy bed so much is that you feel totally wrapped in fabric and that feels oh-so sumptuous and luxe! One way to create that sheltered, snuggly feeling is to use the same fabric on both your bedding and drapery panels, like we did here. Our Jardin Toile Drapes and Bedding envelope the room in pattern, just like a canopy bed would.

Louisa Metal Canopy Bed // Louis Lacquer Stools //Linen Tie Top Panels

Here’;s our Louisa Bed again, but in a chic zebra fabric. In an all white room this bed really shines, and we can’;t help but love all the gorgeous linen draped around the bed and windows. Stylish and somewhere we wouldn’;t mind waking up!

Camden Headboard // Velvet Drapes // Ananda Console Table

Indigo velvet drapes envelope this bed in deep color creating a luxurious cocoon. With an upholstered headboard and cozy bed linens,this is your haven from the messy world outside.

Obviously drapery panels are a big theme in creating that canopy feel, and it seems like a natural addition if you have lots of windows in your room. In this space, however, we covered a blank wall with panels and even hung art in front of them. Blank walls can feel like a real challenge when you’;re coming up short with decor ideas and curtains are a pretty solution.

For more design inspiration,visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in ourPhoto Gallery.

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