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personalized teacher signs 7 Ways to Use our Serengeti Leopard Print funny cushion covers

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We’;re not shy about proclaiming our love of animal print, but our new favorite print is our Serengeti fabric. It’;s easy to work into your space because it looks fabulous on so many different pieces. Today, we thought we’;d share 7 ways we’;ve used our Serengeti print to make a statement in aroom:

Neutrals are a great foundation for any room, but once you’;ve got those big pieces in place, you’;ll probably want to take things up a notch. Thehead chairs (like a pair of our Camel Back Upholstered Parsons chairs) at your dining table are a great place to do that because it gives you a lot of impact, without totally overwhelming the space.

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Pillow are easy to work into almost any space. One of our favorite things about the Serengeti fabric is that it already has so many great neutral shades —; blackpersonalized teacher signs, cream, camel, and chocolate brown. So it can easily pair without whatever neutrals you have in your room, and also with so many different colors. The living room above has a gray wall, a rug with lots of tan in it, and there are accents of black around the room. A couple ofSerengeti pillows help to tie all those colors together beautifully.

While designing his spaces for our summer collection, Eddie Ross added a little touch of Serengeti to his own room in the form of a 20″; square X-Bench. It goes to show you that a little bit of leopard can work in almost any space —; it doesn’;t need to be the whole basis for the room.

We love the idea of adding something super sweet and girly to contrast this bold print, like a blush pink wall color. Here, we used Benjamin Moore’;s Sugarcane to offset this striking animal print and also a pair of handsome leather chairs. All the pieces come together to create a perfectly balanced living room.

We love accenting a bed witha long lumbar pillow, and the 15″; x 30″; width of Serengeti Pillow works perfectly. A little bit of pattern can go a long way and really give your bedroom a bold focal point.

Of course, if you really want to go for it, a pair of chairs adds drama, and style! We’;re obviously partial to the exposed arms, clean lines, and contrast welt onour Robbie Chair, buta pair of animal print chairs could work in an entryway flanking a console table too.

X Benches are great additions to a living room because they afford you extra seating without taking up tons of floor space. They also make a great footrest, spot to place drinks (with a tray), or can be tucked under an open table. Sure we want our homes to look good, but most importantly we want them to function for our families’; needs! So versatility gets two thumbs up from us.

We love our Serengeti fabric on the pieces we mentioned above, but we have over 550 furniture frames to choose from, and we bet every single one of them would look fantastic in this bold animal print. Let your imagination run wild! What furniture piece would youlove to upholster in Serengeti?

For more design inspiration,visit our Pinterest Boards, or find more gorgeous rooms in ourPhoto Gallery.

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