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custom teacher gifts customized rustic pillow covers How to Make and Install an Inset Zipper

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I call this a "flat top" zipper. I've also heard it referred to as a set-in zipper and a recessed zipper. You can make up your very own name; the Penelope Zipper would be one option. You've undoubtedly seen this type of zipper on loads of handbags and totes. It sits below the top of the bag, running flat across the top (thus the vote for my name), featuring tabs at either end (making it easy to zip open and shut), and is secured to the bag's lining with a simple facing (which is what allows it to be recessed). When you want a professional look plus the security of a full closure, you can't go wrong with the inset-flat top-set-in-recessed-Penelope zipper. Read on to see how easy it can be.

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For this tutorial, we are using a 24" zipper and a finished trim strip width to either side of the zipper of approximately ?" (the total width across is approximately 2", counting the zipper itself). Our bag's top opening is 24"custom teacher gifts, so we will use the full length of the zipper. Your project may call for a shorter or longer zipper and/or narrower or wider strips to either side, but you can use the same assembly steps for any size.

We will take you up to the point of attaching the zipper to a facing. Past this step, the variables in projects make it too hard to be generic, however, attaching the finished zipper unit to the bag's lining is the super easy part.

There are three Sew4Home projects at the end of this article (the bags featured in the photos above) that use inset zippers, so you can put your new-found knowledge to work right away.?

In addition, our new book, Sew4Home Bags and Totes – 10 Easy, Fashionable Projects Anyone Can Sew?showcases a wonderfully big and bold shopper on its front cover that uses an inset zipper.?The book is available now at your favorite in-store or online bookseller, including?Amazon, where you can take a peek inside at the cover bag and the other projects.?For international orders, the publisher tells us the best places to order from would be?,?, or the?Interweave online store, where it is available as an eBook and a printed book.

Depending on the project, you may have different types and/or colors of fabric for each item. We used one color for the zipper side strips (white), a second color for the zipper tabs (green), and a stylin' metallic zipper. The technique really looks best with a larger, "chunkier" zipper. Our gray and white Greek Key fabric will stand-in for the facing fabric at the conclusion of the tutorial. ?

Trim strip length: The strips are turned under ?" on each end, so your finished length will be 1" shorter than your cut length. You can adjust/cut a zipper to be shorter than its purchased length, but you can't make it longer. Even if going shorter, try to purchase a length within an inch or two of your opening. For example, if your bag's top opening was 23", you could still use a 24" zipper. Your cut strips would be 24" in length, finishing at 23".?

Trim strip width: The 2" finished width is fairly standard for a medium to large bag or tote. You can certainly go narrower or wider. The strips are usually sewn approximately ?" to either side of the zipper, giving a zipper reveal of around ?" total. Your strip will lose ?" in the zipper seam and ?" in the facing seam. For our sample this equalled a finished width, once everything was stitched in place, of approximately 2".?

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