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custom teacher gifts bedroom office strategy- room (cocoon) bed geometric cushion covers

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For years, my office was a corner of my 20-x-17-foot bedroom. I managed to write a 700 page book there, and numerous articles, as well as pay bills. The problem was that I really never left my work; it was always in viewcustom teacher gifts, always calling me to do more. For an urban freelance person, having a separate office, as I’;ve had for a few years, is a real luxury, and one that, given the scary economy, I’;ve been wondering if I could give up if I had to. IS there a way to have an office AND a bedroom, in one large room?

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I’;ve always thought I had to corral the office into a small space and hide it somehow. But a neat little office like the kind you see built into a closet in shelter magazines won’;t work for me anymore. I need a couple of pretty large work tables and room for files and printer. ?I’;m wondering if maybe I’;ve been going about it the wrong way. Maybe I need to give over most of the bedroom to work space, and devise a ?cocoon-like bed to shelter me from the office vibe, an idea that probably came from the images I’;ve collected over the years of beds that were really tiny rooms. The clean lines of architect Deborah Burke’;s room bed (above) is pretty appealing. I’;d like to merge it with this translucent cubicle designed by Marcel Breuer:

Though I suspect that Room Beds would work best in a larger space than I have, the idea is percolating.? I’;ve been collecting other examples that contribute ideas to the essential notion, which I’;ve found is a great way to incubate an idea (you never know where they’;ll take you):

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