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custom teacher gifts Top 5 Linen Clothes that Celebrities Love personalized linen pillow covers

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Probably all of us read those cheesy magazines about celebrities from time to time. Interest in their personal lives, looks and careers keeps bothering us, especially when all we see on the internet and the TV is celebrities showing up in one or another showcustom teacher gifts, rampaging through some random parties and showing their glowing dresses on the red carpet.

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Their looks is one of the most noticeable things, so it is not unexpected when people start wearing and matching the same clothes that they do. Today we have prepared a list of five linen clothes perfect for the summer and adored by the celebrities.

1. Plain white button-up shirt

No matter how you decide to wear – buttoned up or simply hanging loose tied on your hips, a plain white linen shirt is a great choice for the summer. Match it with a pair of your favourite denim and a pair of slip-on sandals and you are good to go.

2. Slim blue chinos

Blue chinos are a must in every closet. Looking sharp, elegant and classy these pants still look charming and youthful and are not considered as suit pants. Any sleeveless t-shirt or a plaid button-up multi-coloured shirt will look great with a pair of blue linen chinos.

3. A little black linen dress

Every girl must own at least one little black dress. It is considered a classic and is perfect for almost any occasion. Both high heels and flats, such as ballerinas will look amazing if you match them with a lightweight little black linen dress.

4. Linen pyjamas

Linen PJs is a must for every fashionista. Taking care of your health and choosing natural fibres is becoming more and more popular each day and celebrities are showing a great example. Choosing linen pyjamas will not only make you feel great and protect you from overheating but will also make you look extremely cool!

5. A red linen maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are this summer’s trend. That is why you will not regret having one in your closet. Red is the colour of love and it looks amazing with a plain white t-shirt and tanned skin. Go ahead, jump into your maxi skirt, flip-flops and head to the beach.

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