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custom teacher gifts The Magical Power of Rugs funny cushion covers

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The Persians were definitely onto something, when given pride of place there is nothing that can add luxury to a room like a well chosen rug. With wooden and laminate flooring firmly establishing themselves as mainstays in the modern home, a little softness underfoot on a cold morning is a comfort most of us have forgotten. Carpets are certainly an (albeit expensive) option, but with home furnishing fashion changing like the weather and the glass of red that is destined to make its way to your living room floor at some pointcustom teacher gifts, a rug might be a more practical option.

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Its not only their ability to be quickly taken up quickly that gives the edge over a carpet, sure a cheap and cheerful rug can be whipped up and replaced should your tastes take a change in direction, but it is so much more than that. Because a carpet covers an entire floor space, they generally have to remain neutral or risk conjuring flashbacks of set pieces from the Likely Lads.

Their size also means they cannot truly become a focal point, as it is impossible to take them in and appreciate them as whole the way you might with an exotic ornament. A quality rug on the other hand can do everything that a carpet cannot. A beautifully crafted and patterned rug not only becomes the focal point of any room, it takes on the role of an old friend, something you would never part with, it travels with you from home to home and is eventually passed on to the younger generation who by that time will appreciate it with a “retro” eye!

If the beauty of a rug is the freedom it gives you to express yourself the same fears you might have with carpet, the huge variety of styles and types certainly gives your imagination space to be creative. Rugs are the common bond which brings together homeowners of all tastes and ages- there are literally thousands of shapes, sizes styles and patterns available. Rag rugs come in many colours and sizes and are favoured by younger people do to their relative low cost. When combined with the right furniture and accessories they can create a chic boho setting or even a vibrant Moroccan flavour.

For a contemporary but cosy feel a suede rug is a beautiful and wonderfully tactile solution. A hide rug on the other hand is the ultimate fashion statement for those wanting truly individual look- no two will ever be the same. Similarly a sheep skin or shag pile rug can add touch of quirky retro style. For a stately and formal look, a woollen, Victorian style, floral patterned rug is both elegant and powerful. Its oversize rectangular shape helps define an area and provide some gravity in a space where furniture might have otherwise appeared to float rather aimlessly. Coffee tables are often used for this same purpose but they can be bulky and cumbersome and not all rooms have the space.

It is this ability to give cohesion to a room whilst simultaneously providing an unusual talking point that gives a rug its power. It is not by coincidence the rug has historically been depicted as a mystical object with the ability to fly- it is indeed a magical addition to any room.

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