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custom teacher gifts The Leather Armchair funny cushion covers

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The leather armchair is a timeless home addition. Much like the leather jacket or even an Aston Martin, the leather armchair transcends style and no matter what guise it comes in, exudes effortless cool. And what’s more, it has a unique selling point in that one will only get better with age as it takes on that beautiful patina that we know and love- a leather armchair never gets old, it becomes distinguished. One of the very few items of furniture able to unit lovers of all interior styles in mutual appreciationcustom teacher gifts, the leather armchair is short hand, or better yet, a knowing wink to guests in your home that says “I know my stuff”!

Though you probably won’t need my help- choosing a good looking armchair that will look right in your home is amongst the easiest things you will do- lets take a look at some of the fantastic options that are currently on offer to ensure maximum effect for your soon-to-be prized possession.

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The all-time classic leather armchair has got to be the Chesterfield. In production for well over a hundred years now, it has seen so many style fads come and go and not only did it look at home in each but it outlasted them all and is currently more popular than ever. In a traditional setting such as a Victorian or Edwardian themed sitting room, a Chesterfield will blend right in, adding nobility and stateliness to proceedings. Stood over an ornate oriental rug and teamed up with rich Harrison drape curtains seductively pulled back by curtain holdbacks to reveal huge sash windows you will marvel at a classic piece of British design in its natural habitat.

In complete contrast, the Chesterfield is also becoming very popular with younger generations as juxtaposition and irony are now key features in contemporary design. Just take a visit to a trendy bar or store that sells trainers and you will undoubtedly find a wise old Chesterfield sharply contrasted against concrete floors and neon cushions to amazing effect.

Untouchable as the Chesterfield is, we don’t actually have look back that far to find a time honoured classic. With retro design currently heading back to the top, younger home owners are rediscovered to their delight, original 1960s and 70s pieces. Even with the plethora of breathtaking design we have from that era, the undisputed reigning champion has to be the Eames chair and ottoman. With originals now selling for close to £2000 and new models fetching around £800 it is clear that enough I am not on my own with this one. If you want statement piece that simply oozes class, design flare and expense but don’t want to compromise on luxury, this is the chair for you. With its hard wood shell nurturingly wrapped around its top grain leather seat, headrest and foot stool anyone who sits in it will feel instantly protected from the world around them. They may not come cheap but then neither does an Aston Martin, and it certainly beats sitting on a leather jacket!


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