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custom teacher gifts Interior Design Cost Effective Makeover Ideas 6- Entrance or Hallway funny cushion covers

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Undoubtedly, hallways are the epicentre for both the first impression upon entering and the last image upon leaving a house for both owners and guests. Thus, the importance of good décor in entrances and hallways cannot be overemphasised no matter how large or small these spaces within the house may be. In the following section, suggestions for making entryways and hallways beautiful with the use of soft furnishings such as curtainscustom teacher gifts, rugs and other swathes of fabric will be discussed.

We suggest choosing just a couple of ideas and then turning these ideas into reality in your own home. Make the Stairs into an Interesting Feature: Stairs have a character unto themselves. Said character can be accented by placing runners in the middle portion starting from the bottom step to the topmost step. The edges of the stairs not covered by the runner can be painted in a contrasting or complementing colour to further bring out the colours on the material.

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The runner itself can either be made with a solid single colour or with bold patterns like stripes. Either one will work wonders on bringing out the beauty of the hallway or entryway. Besides, large rugs give the impression of the 'red carpet' being laid out for owners of and guests to the house – a nice feeling, indeed. Add a Pop of Colour: Let's say that the hallway walls are painted with a mellow hue like green. Add a pop of contrasting colour to the mix such as red, pink or maroon curtains on the archway facing the door.

Or it can be a rug on the floor or a swathe of fabric artfully framing the picture frames on the wall, both of which are in contrasting colours to the wall paint. Use Fabrics on Shelves and Tables: Hallways and entryways often have storage areas such as built-in shelves and standalone tables. For an affordable makeover, try using a curtain with interesting colours, patterns and textures to hide the items in the shelves as well as a tablecloth to dress up an old table. A simple tension rod or narrow diameter curtain poles can be used to hang the curtain; you will be surprised at how even a crafted curtain can add flair to a utilitarian shelf. Ultimately, your goal in decorating entryways and hallways with soft furnishings is to make the place as inviting and welcoming as possible.

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