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custom teacher gifts How to choose flooring to compliment your interior style sofa pillow covers

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The right flooring can function as a stage, allowing your decor and lifestyle to shine through. We look at the key interior trends to help inspire the right underfoot fit for you

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The natural look and feel of wood continues to trend, and this call to nature seems to be here to stay. Wooden floor planks are becoming wider to make rooms appear more spacious and modern. Darker woods will be favoured along with greyer tones; think walnuts, coffees and ash grey.

Soft botanical shades, earth and sea tones and other colours inspired by nature look beautiful teamed with shades of grey. Orcustom teacher gifts, combine dusty tones with bold and bright shades to create the ultimate colour pop.

This palette lends itself well to either a neutral floor colour in cooler tones or something with guts, like a dark charcoal or deep grey taupe. A short cut pile carpet is a luxe base for this look.

Bold, dark colours are prevalent, from entire rooms painted in smoky deep greys to sophisticated midnight blues creating statement rooms. Dark timber floors or thick pile carpets provide the perfect grounding for this look and continue to add that layering effect of warmth, peace and restfulness – the darker colours cocoon you from the outside world.

Grey injects instant serenity and calm to a space. Society is embracing ‘less is more’ in interiors, with people unafraid to choose hues of grey for their homes. Pinterest has noted the trend of grey flooring in particular, with a 20 percent increase in related pins since last year.

Grey can offer warm and cool tones dependent on the space in which it is being used. It absorbs and softens surroundings rather than highlighting each individual item, a trap that can occur when using white

For more ideas, inspiration and tips from Carpet Court design ambassador Jane Carolan, visit or phone 0800 787 777 for a free measure and quote.

Words?by: Jane Carolan.?Photography by: Martina Gemmola, Annette O’Brien, Andrew Finlayson, Derek Swalwell/

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