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custom teacher gifts Handmade Book for Isabel, A Birthday Gift From The Heart personalised birthday gifts

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Rose and Lace inside front cover

Don’;t forget the inside covers when designing your book it is a perfect place to add beautiful details, add a note to the person you are giving the book to or add your name and the date the book was made. ?The inside front cover sets the tone for the entire book.

accent pillow case baby canvas baby decoration

Layer little?details such as simple vintage tags, chipboard pieces,?burlap and washi tape that all look as if they?have been around for agescustom teacher gifts, so beautiful.

Not sure how to use fabric in your mixed media projects? ?use it just like paper. ?The?texture adds a?new dimension to you layouts.

Choose basic stripes, dots?and simple prints along side more?details and larger scale prints for an amazing composition. ?Layers of different prints in black and cream look?terrific together. ?Using elements like Tissuestock which is a high quality tissue with a touch of wax is a?great choice and it will stand up to the glue and?adhesive you use. ?

Add splashes or dots of mist paint to add color and a feeling that all the layers go together. ?This adorable vintage chair was painted to add just?the right detail.

Distress different?elements with mist or?distressing ink to give them a touch of the past . ?You can also add a touch of color to black and white art making it your own.

When giving a gift of a mini book or photo album, leave space for photos to be added later after?the party of event. ?The neutral choices Ilana made will work well with any photo color scheme.

Choose decor?elements carefully and use them here and there. ?The Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins Papers are printed in black and white on a very?cool and special?paper that you can color in the way you want to match?your color story. ?Add a bit of color or add a lot, your choice. ?Glimmer Mist is?the perfect choice for watercoloring in black and white art, just shake and?dip your favorite brush in. ?The glimmer of the mica is stunning.

Finish the front cover with a beautiful?background and layers with just a touch of color and a bit of ribbon and it will be a shop stopper. ?

Ilana mentioned, “;The difficult part of the project was the binding. It was the first time I tried this kind of binding and I found it tricky.”; ?Here are some binding ideas we found on Pinterest. You might want to try to see which one works best for you. ?The choice you make may depend on the number of pages, how thick you want to make each page or the tools you have. We are sure you will find just the right one for you. ?

If you have a wedding, birthday or baby shower invitation and have not purchased a gift, you might consider the gift of a photo or memory book filled?with special little details that make it so personal. ?Gather items you?have and then fill in with goodies found in?the Canvas Corp Brands Online Shop, where you will find a wide range of book making and paper crafting supplies. And there is Free Shipping for USA orders and they share the International Rate with all overseas shipments. ?Gift them a try.

Happy Creating!!!

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Creating pillows that reflect your personal style is easy when you start with a blank canvas or burlap pillow and add your own personal saying, stenciled icon or iron on. ?You can also embellish with paint, fabric or embellishments in the colors and style that match your decor. ?Adding new pillows is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to update spaces in your home. ?You can create pillows for each season, follow the trends or just something new to enjoy.

As The Block fever grips the nation, we take a look back to 2014 when The Block Sky High Australia teams revealed their bold, brave apartment designs?

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