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custom teacher gifts DIY- Stripes in the Nursery personalized pillow case baby

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Note: ?Guest blog post by Project Nursery Co-Founders, Melisa Fluhr &; Pam Ginocchio

Parents often ask uscustom teacher gifts, “How can I make the biggest impact in my child’s room without spending a ton of money?” ?Our answer is paint! ?For the price of two gallons, a little sweat equity and a huge sense of pride, it’s so worth it.

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Consider getting a little creative with your next painting project. ?Painted stripes are making a big splash in the nursery in a big way. ?So why not pair your favorite Carousel Designs custom crib set with custom wall graphics of your own?

Here are a few tried and true striping tips to ensure that your next painting project goes off without a hitch!



Nursery #1 by Andrika King Design

Nursery #2 by Melisa Fluhr of Project Nursery

Color forecasting is a tricky business, but a necessary one. Because we work so far in advance of our catalogs, we often have to commit to colors before they’re trending. So we take our cues from the fashion runways of Europe, pull from our core palette and find inspiration in the seasons. This year, we marveled at how closely our color palette aligns with Pantone’s top colors for spring, released earlier this year.

You guys?! I am so, ridiculously excited about this post! First of all, have you HEARD the recent announcement by Ace Hardware? OPI has paired with Clark Kensington to come up with a line of paint colors?! Yep! And they are every bit as rich in color and delicious as the OPI nail polishes {the only nail polish I use}. I was MORE than happy to give the new paint a try as a member of the Ace Blogger's panel.

It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. I reached for them, then stopped, caught up in the brilliant idea that I could engineer something myself that looked much the same. And I did! True mine are not made from plastic, but with my access to the Dallas Makerspace that could certainly change as new ideas form. I made my threaders from supplies I already owned with the exception of the beading wire. After a couple of trial pieces made with a thicker gauge wire I found what I believe to be the best one for the job.Supplies:1. Turbo Glue (or any other tough crafting glue)2. Rubber Cement3. Wire Bending Tool4. .3mm Beading Wire5. Thin Cardboard (another use for that recycled cardboard!)6. Scrapbook Papers7. Paper Punch8. Binder Clips9. Scissors

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