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custom teacher gifts Customized Onesies Make Economical Baby Gifts personalized pillow case baby

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When my wife was expecting, I found myself suddenly surrounded by expecting couples. Shower invitations poured in and it seemed like there was an event every couple of weeks.??Having a limited budget?and lots of shower invitations can mean?reserving premium gifts for close friends and family and more budget-oriented gifts for coworkers and acquaintances.?

Keeping within budget while bringing a cool gift to the shower requires using a bit of creativity.??Dr. Seuss books are always a hit and today there are lots of board books that are perfect for babies who love to tear paper.? But another idea I recently discovered is creating custom onesies.? a great place to create a custom onesie (or sleeper or romper) for less than $20.? They have an intelligent interface where custom onesies can be made and visually rendered in seconds.

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I haven’;t ordered from them before and I wonder if others can share their experience.


Remember last year when s was a zombie for Halloween, and in the zombie costume tutorial I lamented that it was probably the last halloween before she went all princess? I was right (I usually really love to be right, hmm). So this year she has requested a tinkerbell costume. These wings are meant to approximate tinkerbell’s wings, but you can make yours a different shape or color to go with your butterflies, bees, dragonflys, fairies, and angels. And you can totally make them with stuff you have laying around the house (I’m just going to go ahead and assume you have glitter in your house). It’ll only take maybe 20 minutes. Get to work mama!

A friend asked me a few weeks ago how to add side pockets into a skirt that she had. I tried explaining in words…..but I could tell the verbal explanation just wasn’t making sense. It was sounding way more complicated than it needed to be.? I could see that if I had fabric in my hands to show her, she’d be able to see just how simple it really was.

Easy one hour yoga bag. I came up with this on my own hopefully you find it easy.(This will be easy if you have some prior sewing knowledge)Enjoy!PS- This is my first legit instructable so I hope you all like it.

custom teacher gifts
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