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custom teacher gifts Beautify Your Home Using Fish funny cushion covers

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Mesmerising, calming and beautiful, fish tanks can be used throughout your home to add visual interest and colour. Gone are the days of a solitary goldfish swimming round in a bowl looking forlorncustom teacher gifts, today you can beautify your home with some amazing aquariums built into walls and furnishings.

This fish tank bed has an aquarium headboard for a unique take on bedroom fish tanks.

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This tank is built-in to the wall of a kitchen, giving a unique look that's visually more interesting than rows of saucepans.

Fish tank coffee tables are making it big in modern tank designs. they're a great way of having a fish tank without it taking up valuable floor or surface space.

Go for a more unusual way to display tropical fish in this tank that spans over the top of a dining room door.

If you have a small hallway opt for a small wall-mounted tank.

This steam-punk fish tank is ideal for a shady corner of a conservatory.

Kids are fascinated by fish swimming around inside a tank, so add one to their bedroom to calm and stimulate their minds.

Alternatively utilise the space under the space to house an aquarium.

Add a touch f whimsy to your bathroom with a sink aquarium. You'll be able to watch the fish while you brush your teeth!

Use your home bar as a huge fish tank.

Add a fish tank to your den to add colour and dimension to a plain wall.

Furnishing or redecorating an entire room can be a daunting task. Sometimes just adding a few pieces can completely transform a room. This year, I’m focusing on decorating one area at a time to make it more feasible & more enjoyable. We recently moved into a new {old} home & to date, I haven’t done a lot of decorating, but I wanted to alter the decor a little without spending a lot of money. First, I decided I wanted to eliminate family photos from our master bedroom. There’s plenty of room in the hallways, stairwell, family room & living room for that. I wanted to define it as a peaceful & romantic space. I think I achieved that by adding a removing a few small pieces.

Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

For a dramatic and stunning décor in your dining room why not try something new and poles apart from traditional reds and greens and go monochromatic using black and white Christmas décor. The stark contrast between the two colours has been successfully used in interior design for decades and yet few people think of using it to decorate a festive table. These contrasting colours look striking and compliment cutlery beautifully. The reflective surfaces of your cutlery will bring extra interest and a magical sparkle to the table.

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