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custom teacher gifts Beautiful Winter Whites- 7- Home Offices funny cushion covers

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Efficient and effective white as the base for a home office is an ideal colour choice. Although it can look clinical using white in an office shows that you're ready to work undisturbed or distracted. This pristine colour can however be cold and uninviting – making you less likely to work at full out-put. Using white does give you a blank canvass on which to work.

You'll then be able to adapt accent colours to suit the style of your home and the type of work you undertake. With the recession hitting many of us hard financially white paint is the cheapest on the market, which means you can easily spruce up a room and transform it into a work place with little expense. If you need to add some vibrancy and colour cheap ready made curtains will do the trick very nicely.

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Again, you can choose a design and pattern to suit your line of work. Large rugs can also be added to help ground your décor and interior design style. There are lots of fabulous rugs available to suit all budgets. Working from home can be difficult for some people as there are many distractionscustom teacher gifts, it's also difficult to be motivated when working alone. As such, an all white home office may be a little to stark and clinical for some people.

By adding a motivating colour such as blue – typically a corporate and business colour – may be all that's needed to keep you on-track. On the other hand if your home office is used as a workshop for hand-made soft furnishings, painting or other artisan types of industry, white will enable you to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere while remaining fit for purpose. Think about what you'll be using your home office for – business or pleasure or a combination of both – that way you'll be able to draw the line at the informality of the room to keep your mind focused and less distracted. You should also stop and think about how the colour white affects you personally.

For example many cultures wear white as a sign of mourning, in which case having a white home office can make you feel sad and gloomy – which will not help to create an atmosphere conducive to work. Other people love white because it gives them a sense of calmness and confidence. However you view white you'll need to address these issues before you plunge head first into painting your home office white.

Today I’m excited to be sharing another fun Cricut Iron-On project with you. My daughter and I collaborated to create these DIY Ballet Warm-Ups, and have even included a set of hand-lettered Ballet SVG files for you to use. This post is sponsored by Cricut.? I’m thrilled to be working with a company that I love and whose products I use on a regular basis!

Growing up, we always had a piano in our house.? We all took turns taking lessons…..even though mine only lasted about 6 months because my teacher moved away (but I played other instruments, so it worked out).? I remember sitting down to the piano when I was bored and making up random melodies and singing dramatic lyrics along with the nonsensical plunking of each key.? I also remember trying to figure out sheet music on my own (since my teacher moved away) and then having pretend recitals, where I would curtsy at the end and relish in my pretend applause.? I mean, you guys, I was an incredible pianist in my own little dream world….haha!! ;)

Right after we got engaged (or was it even before?) my fabulous future mother-in-law sent me the occasional destination-wedding idea. One idea was for destination wedding invitations… a message-in-a-bottle. That was an easy decision. YES. Within a month or two of saying “Yes” to the invitations, Brandon's mom had found us a box of wine bottles that came with tops, from their local u-brew. So that was decided.

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